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The Best Cafes for a Study Day

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Want to get some work done over a nice pick-me-up? Here are some cafes to check out in The Hague when you need good vibes and refreshments to get into productive mode.

1. Bookstor

Address: Noordeinde 39, 2514 GC Den Haag, Netherlands

Instagram: @bookstorindenhaag

Photo: Emma Smillie

This 102-year-old cafe situated near the Royal Noordeinde Palace is a local favorite. As the name suggests, it’s a blend between a cafe and a bookstore, providing a cozy “academia” environment perfect for studying or enjoying a good book. It’s a busy day every day at this hotspot, so turn up early if you want to find a seat.

2. Coffeecompany

Address: Noordeinde 54, 2514 GK Den Haag, Netherlands

Address: Circusstraat 4, 2586 CW Den Haag, Netherlands

Instagram: @coffeecompany

The well-established Dutch cafe chain has been in operation since the 1990s, with branches all over the country. It has two locations in The Hague, one in Noordeinde and the other in Scheveningen. They are the go-to options for anyone hoping to have a productive day.

3. Kaafi

Address: Prinsestraat 25, 2513 CA Den Haag, Netherlands

Instagram: @kaaficoffee

Kaafi is a popular specialty coffee and brunch bar in the heart of the city. While its unique food and drinks menu is definitely the crowd-puller, don’t pass it up when you’re looking for a study location. The space at the back of the cafe has particularly wide tables suitable for group and individual study sessions. Can’t guarantee that there won’t be a line at the door though!

Photo: Liqui Group

4. Perron x Coffee

Address 1: Torenstraat 98, 2513 BV Den Haag, Netherlands

Instagram: @perronxcoffee

Photo: Kira Bergen

Formerly known as Lot61 The Hague, this cafe serves specialty coffee roasted in-house. Along with a delicious brunch menu and spacious, welcoming interior, Perron is fantastic for some study time (and for treating yourself afterward).


Address 2: Rijnstraat 12A, 2515 XP Den Haag, Netherlands

When you need a quick takeaway, drop by its second location on Rijnstraat, just a stroll away from campus. Here, they offer a 15% discount on all takeaway hot drinks for CIROS members, so be sure to check it out!


5. Netherlands Bagels

Address: Korte Molenstraat 11A, 2513 BM Den Haag, Netherlands

Instagram: @netherlandsbagels

As you can guess from the name, this cafe prides itself on serving authentic New York bagels, which are hard to come by in the Netherlands. With a savory and sweet menu paired with an extensive drinks list, there’s a bit of something for everyone. You’ll certainly be fueled for a productive day. The roomy seating options make for a comfortable study location, and laptops are welcome most days, but remember to check with the cafe just in case.

Photo: Top-rated

6. Anne&Max

Address 1: Kerkplein 4, 2513 AZ Den Haag, Netherlands

Address 2: Fahrenheitstraat 472, 2561 DH Den Haag, Netherlands

Address 3: Frederik Hendriklaan 166, 2582 BK Den Haag, Netherlands

Instagram: location-specific, e.g. @annemaxdenhaagkerkplein

Another chain to look out for is Anne&Max, a coffee bar and lunchroom franchise operating throughout the Netherlands. It is the self-proclaimed “living room in town,” where guests can relax, meet with people, or catch up on work. The calm atmosphere easily puts you in deep focus mode, and there’s plenty of room for a study session, even in groups. There are several locations in The Hague, including one near the church in the center.



There are also many cafes right around the corner from campus, so be on the lookout! Just on Turfmarkt Street, there is a handful familiar to all Leiden students and staff:

  • Coffee Fellows

  • House of Tribes

  • Lebkov

  • The Chocolate Company Cafe

These are only some of the many cafes suitable for those busy study days. If you wander around the city center or your local neighborhood, you might find another gem just for you.

For more recommendations like these or practical student tips, check out the First Aid Kit on our CIROS website, dedicated to making your university life more comfortable.

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