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Housing is always a headache. Here is some help on where to begin

Where to Look?

A go to search site for rentals. Mostly for renting entire apartments so you can only look with a group of people. Good for connecting to real estate companies.

Another room specific site, with a fee attached to using it. You sign up to a waiting list from which you after some time be matched to a room.

Hotel room rentals with shared kitchens. Can rent for different periods of time.

Great to connect with Real Estate companies. A tip is to contact them directly, and even call them instead of filling out the contact form. Also for looking at full apartments.

Here you can apply for rooms or create a group with other people and search for an entire apartment. Using it costs a fee.

Mostly apartments.

Website made for looking at rooms only. Creating an account is free, however, applying to an apartment has a fee.

Furnished rooms and apartment rentals.

Facebook groups

Scammer's favourite place but good for finding flatmates, or moving into places with people already living there.

Some tips

  • Always check houses physically, preferably by arranging a viewing, before signing a contract

  • BEWARE of scams (never trust agents who are unwilling to meet or only communicate with email and provide excuses for not being able to let you have a viewing)

  • Consider renting with friends to split costs, find people searching for flatmates on Facebook/WhatsApp groups

  • Consider renting a room in a bigger house with several housemates

  • There is a big housing problem in the Netherlands, so act quickly and make sure to secure something temporary while looking for a better option

  • Don’t be very picky; if you find something that meets your basic requirements then secure it to avoid disappointment

  • Consider contacting rental agencies for support

  • Have your documents ready. Most landlords need a copy of your ID/passport and residence permit if you're non-EU. Additionally, some may want you to have a guarantor, someone who can pay your rent in case you cannot. Normally, they need to sign a form for this submit their ID as well, and proof of income. It's good to have all this on hand, just in case.

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