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Studying Tips

Some information we think is essential you know when you start your studies (or whenever you find this).

Study Spaces

There are various study spots to choose from if you’re looking to get some work done on campus.

  • Through Leiden’s Okku website, you can reserve a spot in the 'reserve only' spots at Wijnhaven for extended periods throughout the day. 

    • If you’re in need of a quiet setting to fully focus, then opt for the Library or Silent Areas. If you want to discuss something, opt for the other study spaces around campus.

    • Don’t forget to check in on your phone when you arrive! Spaces with a check in will have signs indicating so, otherwise you might lose your reservation.

  • Even without reservations, there are still other areas you can check out for a productivity session. Always take a quick peek at the cafeteria, Spanish Steps, terrace, ground floor, etc.

    • Wijnhaven too busy? No worries, head to the Beehive Student Centre across the street for even more study spaces. The 4th and 5th floors are designated working spaces that you can also reserve via the Okku website. The 4th floor in particular has computers if you need them.

    • Always bring your LU-Card to enter the building and access the study spaces

  • What if you need a break from campus? We get it, things can get a bit overwhelming sometimes, especially during exam season. Fortunately, a change of scenery might be stone’s throw away.

    • Bibliotheek Den Haag (The Hague Central Library)

      • this library offers some study spaces across its many floors, which are easily accessible even without a membership

    • Koninglijke Bibliotheek (Royal Library)

      • the Royal Library is the National Library of the Netherlands, meaning it offers a large collection of publications of all types and genres

      • it also hosts big working spaces, or “reading rooms,” that are perfect for some silent studying

      • access to these spaces are free of charge, but you do have to request a pass for entry if you do not have membership.

    • There are smaller libraries scattered across The Hague too, so keep an eye out for those.

    • If cafes are your preferred study environment, look no further, we’ve got a whole separate list of our favourites in The Hague here!

Student Library

The Library

​The Library refers to both the physical libraries that the university offers, as well as the online catalogue.

  • The physical facilities (e.g. computers, study rooms)

    • The library can be found on the second floor of Wijnhaven

      • There you can pick up books you requested online via the catalogue (see below)

      • You can also use the tables and desktops found inside, which you can reserve

        • Note: Before exam weeks if your wanting to study in the library, you MUST reserve a spot in the library and scan the QR code at the entrance to check in to your spot

    • If you'd like a more traditional library experience, we recommend you head over to Leiden and explore the libraries of the different faculties.​​

  • The Online Catalogue

    • Physical Books

      • Here you sign into your account via your Leiden details

      • You can search for your book, or topic of interest and you will be shown numerous resources

      • Most books will appear as available at the University Library, for those you can click on the book and then request it to be delivered to the Wijnhaven Library and pick it up the next day from a locker

      • Library books are loaned for 3 week periods and often can be extended

    • Online access to books, articles and more

      • This will be your best friend when assignment writing comes around

      • You can search for your topic of interest and you will be shown numerous resources

      • Below many books/resources you will an online access hyperlink, click it and you will be shown option of how to view the resource online

        • Some you can download, others you can view online only​

        • The catalogue also generates citations for some sources, so be sure to lighten your load and copy those in your bibliography!

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