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Dependent on your destination, the weather, your budget, and many other factors, you'll be using different modes of transportation. Read about all of them here!

Bicycle Shop

Biking is the most accessible and affordable mode of transportation in The Netherlands. Even if you don't feel comfortable in your skills, there are well signposted cycling routes and traffic organisation which prioritises cyclists. A 'must' when moving here is to sort out your cycling situation.

Using Public Transport is very well organised and very easy here. All systems across the country are connected, and inter city travel is very common. Learn more about how to make this experience easy for you as well!

Public Bus
Reading Map on Mobile


No matter what mode of transportation you're taking, navigating a new city can always be a challenge. Google Maps is great for navigating when cycling, and it's not horrible for public transport, either. However, the app 9292 is the official app for all public transport and the best option if you need to transfer between lines. The NS app is also best for train schedules and checking OV fiets availability.

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