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Public Transport

Public Transport is very well connected in the Netherlands. Once you get an OV Chipkaart, which is the public transport card, you can use public transport everywhere in the country by tapping in and out. Some local systems now also allow Betaalpas, meaning paying with your bank card, and The Hague is one of them! 

Creating an OV Chipkaart

Creating an OV account is super simple and easy to do. Simply follow the signup instructions on the OV website. Depending on the type of OV you want, the steps are the same, so first choose which one!

Anonymous OV

The anonymous card is not linked to you. This means that you cannot add any travel products onto the card. The anonymous card can be used by anyone who possesses it, though not at the same time. This card is recommended more for tourists, rather than for residents of The Hague.

Personalised OV

If you use public transport often, then the personal OV is best suited for you. With a personal OV-Chipkaart you can add several travel products at the same time, such as discounts, easily top up your credit on the website and if you should lose your card it can easily be returned to you.

Single Use Ticket

It is also possible to purchase a traditional single-use card that is valid for a set number of hours or days. While not having to pay for the OV card itself, in the long run it is usually more expensive than using an OV-Chipkaart.

Discounts and Free Travel

Dependent on which local transportation network you use, they offer different travel products which you can upload onto your personalised OV card, and can save you some money. The Hague's system is HTM. Additionally, the NS, the Dutch National Train Operator, also has travel products which provides great discounts if you use the trains a lot. You can upload these products in train stations with OV-chipkaart machines.

Travel is not automatically free for students. Dutch students do receive a free travel product for either weekends or weekdays, however, international students do not. There are certain conditions which you can meet and possibly access the free discount, however, these conditions change frequently and are quite inaccessible to students, so read here to see if you qualify. 

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