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My Migration Story: A Feature on Regional Club Heads

The CIROS Regional Committee is all about promoting different cultures, with multiple clubs centered on specific regions. In this special edition of My Migration Story, we’re getting to know the Regional Club Heads, who have come to The Hague from 4 different regions and continents. Hear their stories and see what their clubs have to offer.

Evanee, Latin American and Caribbean Club

Hi guys, my name is Evanee Giel, and I’m a first-year IRO student. I was born and raised on the small Caribbean island of Aruba. I grew up on a multicultural island, where I came in contact with different languages (Papiemento, Spanish, Dutch, English) and both Caribbean and Latin American cultures. I want to incorporate my Caribbean roots with the Latin American cultures that surround me to connect two regions with many similarities. I’d like to organize potlucks, workshops, and other events to bring us closer together. I also want to use this club as a platform to raise awareness about the political issues in this extensive region. I have witnessed firsthand how such regional issues can impact my own island, so I want this club to be a forum for discussing these topics extensively. I intend to do my best to realize my goals this academic year.  

Maël, African Politics Club

My name is Maël Faber, and I'm the head of the African Politics Club. Having lived in Madagascar my entire life, I've always seen African political matters constituting essential dynamics in international relations. Africa is a vast continent rich in challenges, peoples, culture, and history, but it is often omitted from discussions or approached in a very Western-centric way. After being exposed to some extraordinary political events first-hand, I'm keen to develop my political interests, share them, and build on them with other experiences. Hence, I present you with the newly invigorated African Politics club, a space for active learning consisting of discussions, presentations, debates, visits to embassies, and more. Everything is centered on African matters, so our diverse community can learn more about this part of the world. Despite the name, politics isn't the only topic of interest! My club members and I are looking to broaden our perspectives on the culture and society of the African continent as well. The collaborative nature of the club means everyone is given the space to propose ideas and events. I believe this vibrant community has a real opportunity to awaken and nourish everyone's curiosity!

Filip, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Club (MEDMEC)

I'm Filip, a first-year IRO student, and chair of the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Club. I have been interested in this region for as long as I can remember, which likely stems from my father’s Anatolian roots. This, combined with my time living in places like Nice and Antalya, has made me develop a close connection to the region. I now have a strong ambition to work for national or European institutions there. Through MEDMEC, I strive to deepen my understanding of the regional culture, history, and politics while connecting with amazing individuals. This year, we're planning engaging and educational events centered on political science and culture. Feel free to come along and be part of the journey with us!

Hansika, Southeast and South Asia Club (SESA)  

Hello everyone! I am Hansika Baldwa, the current head of the SESA club under the CIROS Regional Committee. A little about me: I am a second-year IRO student who has spent a long time in Southeast Asia before coming to Leiden University. I have lived in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia (in addition to Egypt). I am an avid reader, fond of binge-watching Netflix, and my favorite food is always going to be Ramen :) This year, my primary goal is to foster a vibrant and inclusive community that celebrates the rich diversity of the SESA region. Here, people from the region and those who are simply interested can share and learn from each other while building lasting connections. From embracing cultural traditions to cooking a potluck dinner, our club will be a hub for cultural appreciation. I am extremely excited to organize events that showcase unique Southeast and South Asian traditions. If anyone is interested in joining, please do not hesitate to reach out!


As a club member, you’re in for an exciting journey of cultural exchange and exploration, whichever region you choose. If you’re interested in any of these clubs, head on to our website for more information:


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