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We have compiled a list of portals and things you need to know how to do to go about your studies at Leiden University. 

Student Portals

A guide on what each portal is for, and how to use it.

My Study Map

  • Plan your course enrolments in advance, to later submit all together

  • Enrol for your courses, workgroups and exams

  • ALWAYS confirm your participation in exams - necessary 2nd step

  • Check your timetable and study results

My Timetable

Look at your personal timetable (with all courses and exams) by logging in

Add electives/honours classes by their class code and observe if they clash with your regular schedule


  • Contains all the details regarding your study

  • Look at all your official and final study results

  • Generate your grade transcript

  • Enrol for courses and exams


  • Personal email account for all Leiden University communications

  • You will receive information about your username and log-in details by the university

  • Possible to merge your university and personal email accounts into one inbox by signing in via Outlook for both or to forward email received to your university email to your personal one so you don't miss any emails when Outlook will inevitably log you out


  • The university’s online learning environment

  • All information regarding your courses (syllabi, mandatory and additional readings,  exercises and assignments, weblectures, Q&A forums etc.)

  • Information from your study advisers regarding extra-curricular activities and career opportunities

  • The most important tool of every Leiden University student!

Leiden University App

  • Quickly access all your information in 1 place from your mobile phone

  • Contains your digital student card

  • Timetable, grades, locations of lectures/workgroups and many more


  • Used to reserve study spots in the university libraries, workgroup rooms and quiet areas

  • Select the study spot you wish to reserve and choose the time you wish to have it available

  • Secure your spot in the libraries and quiet areas during exam season (necessary requirement)


  • The website that you can print from in the university

  • How to print:

    • Put credit on your activated LU card by either going to the pin point machine found next to the library or the webprint website

    • From the computer send a printing request.

    • Find a printer (next to the library, on the third level between the round tables and the coffee machine, on the second level, near the outside of the last door of the silent room).

    • Place your LU card and follow the instructions.

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