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You may want to work during your stay in The Netherlands. As a student, this is possible for some, but who is that some? What are the requirements to work? What else should you know? Read more below.

Can you legally work?

Most importantly, there are different regulations for EU- and non-EU students concerning the job market.

If you are a national of a country that is part of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area or Switzerland:

  • You are legally entitled to stay, work and look for work in the Netherlands

  • You do not require a residence permit; a valid passport (or ID card) from the country where you are a national is proof that you are legally entitled to stay and work in the Netherlands.

All other nationalities are required to have a work permit. Rules regarding this change often, however, acquiring a work permit is not impossible. Sometimes internships and jobs will sponsor you for a work permit, other times you'll have to arrange it yourself. 

Are there any other requirements?

Regardless of whether you are an EU or a non-EU student, if you want to work in the Netherlands you must get Dutch Public Health Insurance. This is because via your insurance you are contributing directly to the healthcare scheme in the country.

Dutch Health Insurance is different to many other countries' health insurance. It works on an eigen risico, or own risk principle, where you have to pay the first 385€ that something costs (does not include going to the GP) and the insurance starts covering thereon. 

When looking for Dutch Health insurance, you can use the website Independer which compares all of the health insurance on the market and advise you with your choice. 
Health insurance is quite expensive, and so you can also apply for an allowance from the government for health insurance coverage called Zorgtoeslag. You do this via the Mijn Toeslag website with your DigiD.

How can I find a job?

In general, the websites and walk-in offices of The Hague International Centre and ACCESS provide a helpful overview about working in the Netherlands as an expat. For regional-specific information, the website of The Hague Municipality is very helpful. It also provides links to further websites and agencies.

Job Fairs
Throughout the year, there are job fairs all over the country that can help with orientation and providing an overview about the work environment and social listings in the Netherlands:

There are also some useful websites:

  • Adams’ Multilingual Recruitment

  • Blue Lynx Employment

  • Career Jet

  • Careers in Holland

  • Expat Jobs

  • Expatica

  • Kelly Services

  • Undutchables


  • Also Facebook pages (ex. "Vacatures in Den Haag") are great to keep up on listings 


LU Career Help
Leiden University has an Career Portal with several job and internship options on an academic level. Leiden University also maintains an extensive Alumni Network where you can find alumni and see what they're up to. We recommend reaching out to them or connecting with them on LinkedIn and asking for tips for your future. The ‘LU Mentor Network’ helps students to prepare for the labour market and start their careers. They can answer your questions about internships, masters choices, job applications and even company visits.

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